Our Team

Raymond & Joan Brooks
Raymond L Brooks was born and raised in Elmer and worked on the family farm from a very young age. He milked cows for 61 years before opening Cedar Lane Feeds. He sold his dairy cows after the opening of the store and after only two years in business he decided to open a livestock auction. The closing of the Cowtown Hay and Livestock Auction was a driving force in his decision.

Joan Brooks was born and raised in Elmer and met Raymond in February of 1958 and they were married that same summer in September of 1958. She was a city gal who didn’t know anything about farming but she was a quick study. She gave birth to two children, Dawn and Leo and she worked as a cook in the local school system until the opening of the feed store.

Dawn Brooks
Dawn is the daughter of Raymond and Joan. She is responsible for managing the day to day operations at Cedar Lane Auction and Feed Store. She is the proud mother of two boys, Johnathan and Nathan.