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Cedar Lane Livestock Tips: Combating Heat Stress in Cattle

Have you found creative ways to beat the heat this summer? Remember your livestock can experience heat stress as well.  Here is a great article from that give 7 tips to help your livestock combat heat stress.

Cedar Lane Livestock Tips: Using Drones to Manage Your Livestock

Technology advancements have made managing livestock easier, and more accurate. This article from Countryside Magazine discusses how drones, primarily used as a military tool in the U.S., are now being used to manage, monitor, and maintain agricultural and cattle farms.

Cedar Lane Livestock Tips: Beginner Tips for Pasture and Cattle

The Livestock Book by W. R. Thompson and John McKinney, 1952, was written with the career farmer or rancher in mind. Of its time, it was considered to be the authoritative text on pasture, beef, dairy, sheep, and hogs. This excerpt from The Livestock Book, reprinted in Countryside Magazine, has tips for the first-time homesteader on… Read more »

Cedar Lane Livestock Tips: Managing Newborn Pigs

  In any newborn animal’s beginning of life, proper care and feeding are critical for survival. This informative article from has tips about nurturing the health and safety of newborn piglets.

Cedar Lane Livestock Tips: Your First Horse Show

  The phrase “you never get a second chance to make a first impression” couldn’t apply more to horse show competitions. If you’ve never been in one before, all the preparation can seem overwhelming. Here are tips to make your first experience fun for both you and your horse! Go to a few horse shows… Read more »

News Article: Egg and Poultry Groups Criticize Handling of Bird Flu Outbreak

This article from USA Today reports that egg and poultry groups criticized the Agriculture Department’s handling of the worst avian flu outbreak in U.S. history, with one Iowa turkey producer charging the response allowed the deadly virus to spread. Citing miscommunication from the USDA, the article also discusses the effects that the outbreak is having among egg… Read more »

Cedar Lane Livestock Tips: Livestock Feeding Tips

Making sure your livestock and farm animals get proper nourishment ensures healthy growth and weight gain, better productivity, and ultimately, better profit for owners. This article, in collaboration with Rutgers University Cooperative Extension, discusses dietary management, feed management, and other important topics to help keep your animals healthy and happy.

Cedar Lane Livestock Tips: Horse Show Tips from the Judge

According to the United States Equestrian Foundation, the first annual meeting of the Association of American Horse Shows was held on January 29, 1918. With so many rules and regulations constantly being updated, it may be hard to know what the judges are looking for. This informative article from Michigan State University Extension discusses horse show… Read more »

Cedar Lane Livestock Tips: Livestock Judging Guide Based on 4-H Practices

  Even if this isn’t your “first rodeo” into the world of livestock judging, this article based on 4-H judging practices from Kansas State University makes for an interesting read! It discusses achieving skill in judging, selecting breeding animals and slaughter animals, and judging cattle, swine, and sheep. Find the full article here: